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I, the customer below, agree to hire 1 Last Call Designated Drivers to provide designated driving services of my vehicle and I agree to the terms in this agreement;

1. Customers vehicle is legal, insured and in safe drivable condition.  
       1. Customer is the rightful owner, lessee or caretaker of the vehicle being transported;
       2. The vehicle has a fully comprehensive insurance policy
       3. The vehicle is in good working condition, compliant with applicable laws, and has no unsafe defects
       4. The vehicle contains no contraband, substance, or other items which are illegal or dangerous
       5. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Its customer’s responsibility to lock their doors
       6. The vehicle is equipped with proper tires for the season.

2. Your vehicle is under your insurance, (We do not put plates on your vehicle.)
Customer assumes all risks associated with usage of The Company’s designated driving services, including but not limited to vehicle accidents, injury, property damage, and insufficient insurance coverage for damages or claims. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the proper coverage on their vehicle. Customer releases the company and its agents from any and all liability, except gross negligence or willful misconduct. If an accident is deemed a result of OUR driver by your insurance company, the company agrees to pay the insurance deductible, up to $500 max.

3. Driver may refuse service.  Company may refuse to provide service to Customer or any other person at any time if, at The Company’s sole discretion, providing such service would be unsafe or undesirable. Customer and passengers agree to behave in a legal, safe, and civil manner. Under no circumstances is it ok to touch or verbally abuse the driver.

4. Customer will pay for the services and any fees, charges, or fines. Customer will pay the fare and must also pay any additional expenses and fees, including but not limited to: wait time, cancellation, no show fee, credit card fees, fuel costs in customers’ car, towing or other emergency roadside expenses resulting from mechanical failure of the customers vehicle; parking fees; and any other fee, fine, or expense relating to the vehicle.

5. This agreement will apply to and be binding upon all customers’ future use of the company’s services, without signing a contract each time.

I, the customer, agree to the terms of this agreement & hereby provide permission for the driver provided by 1 Last Call Designated Drivers to drive the vehicle requested:

Vehicle Discription
Licence Plate
You have read and agree 

Filling out and submitting this form does mean that you have read the information and agree with the service agreement.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or text 778-347-9159
or email [email protected]