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Designated Driving Services

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What do we do ?

When you're out having fun, who wants to worry about how to get home later? A designated driver provides you a safe alternative, with a responsible, sober driver to drive YOUR car with you and your friends to events, bars, concerts, bachelor or bachelorette parties. Whether you’re looking for a designated driver to get you to and from the event safely or just need a ride home at the end of the night.1 Last Call Designated Driving Services will ensure you can relax and enjoy your evening out.

Friendly Dispatchers
Friendly Drivers
Call our dispatcher and they will try to accommodate you

What we need from you:
1  - Your name
2 - Pick up address
3- time you are requesting
4- Best contact number
5 - Drop off location

We have a great team of drivers!

How this works
1 - 1 car and 2 drivers get dispatched to you
2 - Driver will call you with their ETA.
3 - One driver will drive you in your own car
4 - Second driver and car will follow
5 - Once at your location - driver will give you price


What Services Do We Offer?

Vehicle - Designated Driving 
We send a car with 2 drivers to drive your vehicle and yourself home.

Pick up fee - $20.00 & Per Km - $ 2.00

Wait time (10 min free) - $ 1 per min

1 stop free - Per stop -$5.00
Credit Card fee -$3
Plus GST 5%

December 20 - Jan 2 
Pick up fee - $25.00 and Per Km - $2.25
Wait time - $2 per min
Stops - $5
Credit card fee - $3.00
Plus GST 5%

Special Event - Designated Driving

We send a car and 2 drivers to drive your loved ones home on any special events.  
We have a few different options and can adjust it for your needs
This is best for weddings or company parties.
all Charges are subject to 5% Gst 

Option 1
If YOU are paying  (no charge to your guests)- $80 per hour for a Min 2 hours

Option 2
YOU pay to keep car onsite $1 per min wait time - Guests pay for their rides
Option 3
We provide business cards for your bar and your guest call themselves
( We suggest letting guests know early so they can prebook a car)

Personal Driver
We will send a personal driver out to drive your vehicle and you around town on a hourly rate.
This is best for people who want to go bar hoping!

1 Driver for$ 30.00 per hour for a Min 2 hours
Credit card fee - $3.00

Gst 5%

Note - start and end location must be the same.

We send a truck and enclosed trailer to move your motorcycle.
Our trailer has a motorcycle chock and has a 4 point tie down.

Pick up fee - $40.00 & Per Km - $3.00
Wait time - $2.00 per min

Per stop - $10.00
Credit Card Fee - $3.00

Service Shop

We understand people have busy schedules.
So with this service we can drive your vehicle or motorcycle to the shop it is being serviced at.
Once the repairs are done, we can also go back and pick it up and deliver it back to you.

Please call for more details

Keeping our Community safe,
1 call at a time.